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Direct Communication and Unique Website Design

I love commercials and advertisements for websites.

“24-hour support. Easy drag and drop templates. Have your website done in 24 hours!”

I’m not sure why you would need 24-hour support for your website. If it’s built correctly you shouldn’t have to do much with it. You call into an automated phone system and wait for the next “technician”.

How are you going to stand out if your site is identical to 300 other websites? Google will see your images and content as duplicated. Pretty much guaranteeing you to the bottom of the search results. Their goal is volume. They spend zero time working on your website and focus on bulk templates that fit a wide margin of customers. Have any doubts? Just check out Wix reviews.

What you pay is what you get.

If everyone could go out, buy a website for their lipstick sales and get to the very top of Google I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be making websites anymore. I would get that $24.99 website special tomorrow and start selling lipstick immediately.

Unique content is important.

Easy to read fast websites directly to the point is what customers want. Our websites are individually unique. We make our content from scratch. If you need support simply pick up the phone and call us. If you get voicemail, rest easy as we will call you back as soon as possible. Or simply shoot us an email.

It’s not really your site.

With Wix, Squarespace, etc., you’re basically renting templates and hosting from them. It’s their proprietary system and therefore, your level of control over your website is alarmingly limited. If you decide later that this website isn’t getting the results you want and you want to migrate to a different platform, you’ll have to start all over from scratch. All that work for nothing.